Uptown Organic Foodie - Candle 79

This is the first in  a series of blog entries showing people finding great restaurants that suit their mood using Outseeker.  Have you had an experience that you would like to share?  Send it to us at blog@outseeker.com and we can post it in this space!

The search:  planning an evening out for two couples.  We had tickets to an event at the American Museum of Natural History, and wanted a great place to eat afterwards.  I placed a pin at the museum (at 79th and CPW), selected the "Foodie" mood and  entered "organic" as the search.  I got these results:

Looking through these, we saw a few that looked great.  We decided on the top choice: Candle 79.  A quick click on the Opentable reservation link, and we were set!  The meal proved to be excellent, with very inventive and memorable organic vegan cuisine.

- Jonathan