Chinatown Foodie

While we were sitting in the East Village ice cream parlor hanging out (see this earlier post), we started to think to think about dinner.  As a few more friends would be joining us, we decided it would be great to go to a place in Chinatown and share a lot of dishes.   We used the "Change Location" feature in Outseeker to drop a pin in nearby Chinatown, selected the Foodie Mood, and put "Chinese" in the search box.

We got a set of places that looked likely.


Clicking on the images in the individual cards, we were able to learn more about the individual restaurants, while staying inside the Outseeker app on the phone we were using.  


The menu for Oriental Garden showed a wide range of seafood entries that convinced us it was the real deal (shark fin dumplings, anyone?)


 We called the restaurant by tapping the phone number in the app, and made a reservation for our group of 11.  The place was perfect, with tanks of live seafood as you walk in, and lazy susans on large round banquet tables.  We had a memorable meal including Peking Duck, Sea Bass,  Soft-Shell Crabs, and other delicacies.