When you are on the Search Page you’ll see "Change Location" at the bottom of the map. Click that and manipulate the map to show the area that you want to target your search. When you find the area, click or tap the map to drop a pin on the location and then click or tap the back arrow in the navigation bar to start your search.

What are Moods?

Moods are the context of your experience. They help us understand the nuances of what you’re looking for. Let’s say you’ve decided that you want to get some Italian. Your “best choice” changes if you’re looking to have an anniversary dinner with your loved one versus a lunch with a client. Moods such as “Foodie, Quick Bite” or “Romantic, Special Occasion” help Outseeker find the right choices for you based on that context.

What if i don’t know what i want to eat?

Great! Outseeker can help you find new place in your neighborhood or help you explore what a city has to offer. Just select the Mood and leave the search field blank. As an example, if you search with just the Mood “Foodie on a Budget” it will reveal a variety of options that you may or may not know about. You can always refine your search with our Advanced Controls. If you added something specific such as “Sushi” you’ll find that your choices change to specifically to that search.

What are these sliders?

The sliders help you control COST, DISTANCE, and VALUE. Choosing a mood automatically adjusts the sliders based on assumptions we are making, but we know you may have other preferences specific to your search. For example, maybe finding a place in your immediate area is particularly important to you in that moment — just use the DISTANCE vs. QUALITY slider to tell that to Outseeker.

Advanced Controls

Outseeker does its best to balance all of the different factors that go in to getting you the answer to “Where should I go to eat?” as quickly as possible. Because there is so much that goes into the decision, Outseeker makes certain assumptions with the information that you provide. After you select a Mood you have the option of entering in more information about the cuisine, style, country, or even a particular restaurant that you may want to go.

Because we all know that sometimes assumptions aren’t quite right, “Advanced Search” is an option for you to tell Outseeker more about what you might want. If you tell Outseeker, for example, that you want to search for “risotto,” you’ll see that the option for “Advanced Search” appears. When you select “Advanced Search” you’ll find two sliders:

1)     Search Importance: this tells Outseeker us that the information is more or less important than it originally assumed

2)     All Search Terms: This tells Outseeker whether or not what you’re asking for should be searched as a phrase or as individual words.

What do these Advanced Controls actually mean?

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