Notes on the Private Beta

You can run the app here if you have a password  (you can get one if you  register for the private beta):

A few notes about the App:

  • This is the first version of the app.  We are in the process of refining the app, so PLEASE send us any and all feedback about your experience with it, positive or negative.  There is a feedback button (a speech bubble icon in the upper right) to make it very easy for you to send us feedback via email.  Some things we are particularly interested to know about are:
    •     obvious bugs / crashes / problems using the app
    •     anything confusing, unclear, or annoying in the interface
    •     data issues (restaurant information inaccurate)
    •     success stories!  (you found something great with it)
    •     desired features
  • The app currently has information on over 20,000 restaurants in New York City.  If you are not in New York City, you can still try out the app by using the "Change Location" option on the main search page.
  • This is a web app at the moment.  What that means is that it functions in your browser, so it will run on any mobile device  as well as on your desktop.  We suggest you add the app to the homescreen of your mobile device, and the experience will be pretty much like using a native app.  If you need some guidance on how to add an app to your homescreen, this article gives a good set of instruction for iPhone, Android, etc.  We expect to add native apps as we develop Outseeker further.  
  • The interface is optimized for mobile - the desktop experience right now mirrors the mobile experience, but we hope to take advantage of the extra space on the desktop screen soon.
  • This is a private beta test - that means we are limiting signups at the start while we refine the user experience.  We will be sending out invite codes as we go along - if you want to share the app with anyone, plases send them the link to signup:

We are excited to be starting out, and we look forward to hearing from you!

The Outseeker Team