Updates to the App

Thanks to all our beta testers for your great feedback!  We have been busy updating the app with some changes in response.  Here are some things you may notice in the latest version:

  • Improved results when searching for "Anything specific".  Try searching for a single word: a style of food, cuisine, or dish.   Here are some good examples to try: "organic", "spicy", "trendy", "Asian", "Japanese", "sushi", "izakaya", "kosher".
  • If you want even more focus on your search results, you can go into the "Advanced Controls" and drag the Search Importance slider to the right.  For example, if you search for "Organic" the search returns a mix of restaurants, some of which are solely organic, and others which may mention some organic items in their menus but are not exclusively organic.  If you repeat the search with the Search Importance slider at the maximum, you will find that exclusively organic restaurants are featured more prominently. 
  • There are now explanations of the Outseeker Grades and Cost items - hover over them on  the web, or click on individual items on mobile.

As always, we really want to hear about your experiences with Outseeker, both positive and negative!  You can use the Feedback button in the upper right hand corner right from the app if you like, or send us a note at feedback@outseeker.com.