Beta Test - Change Log

If you are using the Outseeker app right now, you are one of our Beta Testers! This means that things in the app will be changing in response to feedback and reports from users. Please help us to make the app better by letting us know about anything that doesn't work, or is confusing, or that you would like to see the app be able to do. You can email us at, or you can use the handy feedback icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

Your app will update automatically. This post will update with changes that you might notice.

October 15:

  • Expanded the breakdown of the Outseeker Grade
  • Switched the "Mood" and "Search for" elements for better navigation
  • Changed the "X" to be visible on a black background when viewing a restaurants website in modal window
  • Added icons for a visual representations of "Fast Food" and "Fine Dining" 

October 2:

  • Fixed problem with some elements being hard to click on iOS, especially sign-in page and restaurant cards.

September 14:

  • Fixed problem with Opentable Reservations app opening before user request
  • Easier to see "X" in upper right-hand corner to exit out of restaurant webpages and reservation sites
  • Lowered resource drain on mobile by preventing background loading of restaurant websites

September 5:

  • Reformatting of Grades and Cost information on restaurant cards
  • Header icons fixed

August 28:

  • Now possible to make reservations through Resy (in addition to OpenTable)
  • Expandable descriptions from multiple sources for all restaurants.
  • Reformatting of restaurant cards and search page to improve readability. 
  • Information about Outseeker Grades is now viewable using a clickable information icon next to grades. 

June 16: Information on results page on number of restaurants found that match "Search For" text; warning is issued when no matches are found.

June 8: Login allowed as a guest (bypassing signup) - but we hope you will sign up  anyway, so that we can keep you posted on Outseeker news!

June 4:   Links (to make reservations, and to see restaurant websites) now open within the app, rather than in an external browser tab.  This makes the app much easier to use, especially on mobile.  Website images are now available on iphone.  In general mobile performance should be much speedier.

May 27: Feedback window working properly.

May 26: Blue menu bar stays visible, restaurant card icon ("knife and fork") remembers what you were looking at.

May 21: A new mood, "Foodie Quick Bite", and some refinements to other moods.

May 20: Layout of Search form simplified and optimized for smaller screens.

May 8:  Some tweaks to the layout of the search form, hopefully to make things clearer.  More changes to come.

May 7:   Made login valid for six months on each device (you should not have to log in again).